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The Ultimate White Bali Beach Wedding Package

Authentic Genuine Bali Wedding Package

Do you deserve the best? It is your special day.

Then let your imagination run wild and arrange this beautiful package for the most important day in your life.

Our wedding stylists have put this together to give you the ultimate look for this very special time. It is based on some of our most popular products and has been created to both save you some money, but more importantly, know that you will have the most stylish decorations and shade to create memories that will last a life time.

Complete with 4 x handmade White 7 metre traditional Bali flags, with a heart on the end of each flag, 4 x custom designed fibreglass poles, that fold down to 1 metre for ease of transport, and guaranteed to make your flags hang correctly, Seven metre flags are the largest and most majestic of all Bali flags. Two triple tiered umbrellas, hand adorned with bells and tassels, and completed with 1 x large 3 metre White handmade beautiful Balinese umbrella, which could just end up in your garden after the event to keep bringing back fond memories.

Just the umbrellas alone are almost the current price and this price includes the flags.

This complete package can be delivered to your door and is ready to go. Please note, price does not umbrella stands.

We are currently shipping daily to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand & Australia with DHL Express for a flat $80.00 freight fee.

New Shipment Just Arrived 6th July 2021

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