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Baliflags is the leading supplier for Bali White Wedding Flags from the tropical island of Bali

 Imagine these Beach Wedding flags, clearly showing your location and intent on your special day. While we have many different sizes of White Wedding Flags for sale to our bridal parties, we also cater to large event companies and can provide Bali White Wedding flags wholesale. We are proud at baliflags, to also stock these stunning wedding flags in Cream and Indian inspired Indian Wedding flags.

 All of our bali flags are proudly manufactured just outside Ubud in Bali, the home of Eat, Pray Love and can be purchased with or without our custom designed fibreglass foldable bali flag poles and mounting spikes if needed.

Shipped Daily ex our Australian warehouse or one of our international agents.

Limited Sale On Now Plus Free Postage on all orders over $200.00 (excludes umbrellas)

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Luxury Bali White Beach Wedding Pack

The Ultimate White Bali Beach Wedding Package Authentic Genuine Bali Wedding PackageDo you deserve ..

AUD 856.00

White Bali Wedding Umbrella (3 metre)

Authentic Handmade White Bali Market Umbrella This beautiful large 3 metre wide Handmade White Bali..

AUD 279.00

Wedding Umbrella Triple Tiered White

Authentic White Bali Triple Tier Temple Umbrella Large 2.7 metre High Wedding Umbrella Triple Tie..

AUD 199.00

Bali White Table Flags x 10

Genuine Bali Table Flags Sale Extended Beautiful handmade Bali Table flags are supplied complete w..

AUD 49.95

Mini Bali Flags (sold in pairs)

Bali 2 Metre Flags complete with Split Cane Sticks (sold & priced in pairs) Mini 2 metre Bali f..

AUD 44.95

White Bali Frangipani Flag Hand Painted

White 5 mtr Bali Frangipani Flag Hand Painted Hand Painted Tall Bali White Frangipani Flag that is 5..

AUD 39.95

White Bali Feather Wedding Flag

Genuine White Bali Wedding Feather Flags Sale Extendedplus Free Postage on all flag/pole orders o..

AUD 39.95

White Wedding Multi Flag

Genuine Handmade White Wedding Bali Multi FlagsSale ExtendedLooking for something a little different..

AUD 34.95

White Bali Flag with Silver Metal Heart

Authentic Handmade White Bali Flags with Beautiful Silver Metal HeartSale ExtendedThese beautiful Wh..

AUD 32.95

White Dancing Flag

Unlike a traditional Bali flag that is attached almost all its length down the pole, a Bali Danci..

AUD 29.95

Indian Red Gold Wedding Flag

Free Postage all flag/pole orders over $200.00Indian wedding flags are famous for having Gold embroi..

AUD 29.90

Cream (Champagne) Bali Flag

Genuine Bali Cream FlagsAuthentic Cream (champagne) Bali Flag available in 2,5 & 7 metre size..

AUD 22.95

White Bali Wedding Flag

Authentic White Bali Wedding FlagsSale Extended Our White Bali wedding flags are genuienly ha..

AUD 15.95