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  The Home of Genuine Original Tall Bali Flags & Umbul Umbul

The Home of Quality Genuine Tall Bali Flags & Umbul Umbul
Proudly made in Ubud Bali & Shipped Worldwide
daily from either our Queensland Australia warehouse or international agents.
Established in 2004 to assist The Children of Bali.

Bali Flags also called Umbul Umbul (Balinese flags) and Balinese Umbrellas are  Shipped Worldwide Daily by Air either from our Queensland Australia warehouse or one of our international agents. Traditionally seen in Balinese Temples, Gardens, Houses and Restaurants, along the tropical beaches of Bali, these tall slim flags and umbrellas have become increasingly popular as colorful additions to events, beach weddings, balconies, verandas and gardens all over the world.

Created to express concerns about the future of life on earth, focusing on humanity, art, nature and spirituality. They provide hope, meaning and strength, generating an energy that everyone will take back to their villages, provinces or countries, to build a tomorrow that is different.

Additionally they can be used as decorative displays for weddings, parties,functions, fairs, markets etc.  Manufactured in Ubud Bali Indonesia out of parachute silk, a very strong durable and light weight fabric, as well as Satin. We have various sizes, patterns and colours available.

So Brighten up that special occasion or just make your garden or special event really stand out with our range of authentic Bali flags from Ubud in Bali.

                                        Shipped daily from our Queensland Australia warehouse and local distributors worldwide.

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