Bali Flag Poles

Authentic Bali flag poles that are Custom Designed for Bali Flags & Umbul Umbul

Free Postage On all pole orders over $200 (excluding umbrellas)
Available Now in 3,5 or 6 metre sizes.

Our custom designed Bali fibreglass flag poles have been manufactured to make sure your Bali flags and umbul umbul (balinese flags) hang and look exactly as the maker intended, with a slight curve at the top from our flexible end. Manufactured from high quality Fibreglass that will last for years and available in either a Bamboo look or Polished Silver. Supplied complete with reusable storage bag and instructions. These are the only fibreglass poles available that have been designed from the start to do nothing but make your flags look fabulous. Folds down to 1 metre for ease of transport and storage, yet they are easily extended when needed.

Instructions for using your Bali Flag Poles when mounting Bali Flags  - Umbul Umbuls.

It is important to understand when using such a long pole that it is mounted securely, both for safety and the long life of the pole.

Mounting on Sand, Soil, Lawn or Turf.

To make this as easy and secure as possible we now have available an optional 80 centimetre long pole spike. The pole spike is hammered half way into the ground, leaving the other half (approx 40 centimtres) above ground. You then simply unscrew the poles base cap and slide it over the pole spike. As the pole is now also being supported by an internal 40 centimetres and not just the edge of the ground if buried, the stress from the long pole is evenly distributed over the 40 centimetres. If you support the pole with less than 40 centimetres you will be creating alot of pressure over a very small area of pole surface and it may break.. You do not need to use just our spikes, as timber, stell hard plastic etc will do the job, but it is important that the pole is supported with at least 40 centimetres internally or attached externally and at least 40 centimetres into the ground.

Mounting on Hard Surfaces.

There are many ways of doing this, but all of them will require a little thought. The easiest way is to purchase a heavy market umbrella stand, available from most outdoor furniture stores. The majority of these have a hole in the base and a small thumb screw to enable you to secure your pole. Once again though it is important that you do not allow all of the pressure of the long pole to be applied to the small area the thumb screw is in contact with, otherwise the pole may break when exposed to wind. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to insert some round timber, dowel inside the poles base to a length of approx 40 centimetres, as this will help distribute the pressure caused by wind over a lerger area and stop the pole breaking.

We have also had many clients simply purchase a bucket, place some pvc pipe in it and then fill the bucket with the pvc pipe protruding. You then simply slide the pole inside the pvc pipe. The bucket can be painted or decorated to suit your needs.

By following these simple instructions you will get years of use from your fibreglass poles.

Video Demo of assembling our pole Click Here ( video originally compiled by our US agent who sadly is no longer in business)

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