The Home of Quality Genuine Bali Flags (Umbul Umbul) & Bali Umbrellas
Proudly Handcrafted by Balinese Artisans in the "spiritual sanctuary" of  Ubud, Bali
Established in 2004 to assist The Children of Bali
Goods are shipped from our Queensland Warehouse or International Agents
Originating from Balinese Temples, gardens, houses and restaurants and widely seen adorning the tropical beaches of this beautiful island, these elegant, tall and slender flags have gained immense popularity worldwide. They have become cherished additions to events and could adorn your very own wedding, balcony, deck or verandah and garden. They add a burst of colour and charm wherever and whenever they are displayed.
Much more than just decorative, Bali Flags carry profound meaning. They symbolise concern about life, weave together themes of humanity, art, nature and spirituality. Infused with hope and strength by the artisans when creating them, they have an energy that inspires to love, live and experience.
Using parachute silk and satin, these flags and umbrellas are not only visually stunning but also durable and lightweight. We have a multitude of colours, sizes and patterns in our range - be sure to browse to find your perfect choice.
Celebrate YOUR special occasion or elevate the ambience of your garden or space with our authentic Balinese flags. We are sure the rich cultural heritage and promises they are created with make your moments with them truly memorable.