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Our Genuine Bali Style Bamboo Look Flag Poles

Custom designed Bamboo look Bali  flag poles available in either 3, 5 or 6 metre sizes  to make sure your flag hangs as the Balinese designed them to.

Please Note 3 metre Poles are currently Sold Out

Custom designed 3, 5 or 6 metre Bamboo Look Fibreglass Bali flag poles to make sure your flag hangs as the Balinese designed it too, with a slight curve at the top.

Please note, a 7 metre flag mounts on a 6 metre pole as our 7 metre flag will have approximately a 1.5 metre tail to swing loosely in the breeze. We use a 5 metre pole with our 5 metre traditional flags, as you will have a half metre tail on this flag.

For 5 metre Feather flags, as these have the full 5 metres on the pole and are quite heavy, we use our 6 metre pole for this flag, as they also need the rigidity of this stronger pole.

Our poles folds down to 1 metre for ease of transporting and storage, and easily extends in 1 metre sections. Also supplied with its own reusable cloth bag for storing.

If mounting on soft surfaces you may also like to order our optional pole spike which will make your instal so much easier and more secure.

Shipped from Qld Australia or our International agents

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